South Africa fly in psychologist to Australia

It isn't just New Zealand that require brain tweaking as South Africa are flying in a psychologist before the 1st Test in Perth. Francois Hugo, who is "a psychologist of some sort" is more customarily "involved in the dynamics of bank mergers" so I'm not quite sure what his role is in this case. The article also reveals that Pakistan sent for psychological help last summer after they'd been thumped by 491 runs by Australia. I thought New Zealand going to the couch last summer and pre-emptively before the recent Chappell-Hadlee Trophy was a bit of a joke but it seems to be a common occurance for teams touring Australia. Possibly for teams touring anywhere. Did we employ anyone similar during the Ashes? I don't recall reading anything about it although maybe they just had a coffee and chat with Matt Hayden if they required a quick dose of psychobabble.
Posted by JC on Sat 10 Dec 88 comments
Well Aussies Started it all ,they had Hired one during their '99 WC campaign, Indian later got the same bloke Sandy Gordan during their '03 WC campaign and later during '04 Aussie Tour and it did work wonders in most cases. I guess the Aussies were tad too overconfident during their current Ashes Tour.and maybe the win in India tour made them bit complacent about their touring ability and more than that the ability of their leader. While Ricky's resume looked impressive due to his '03 WC win (when everyone including me thought Aussie Ship to sink for jettisoning Steve Waugh).But its different ball game handling a pajama team and team in white ;)
Posted by unsui on 2005-12-12 00:37:20
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