Is Glenn McGrath over the hill?

Outspoken ancient fast bowler Jeff Thomson has claimed Glenn McGrath is past his use-by-date. Conversely, Iain Payten from the Daily Telegraph says Glenn McGrath is still the world's best fast bowler. I think his wicket taking ability, particularly at Test level, seems to have dropped off. And these days, he seems prone to getting injured whenever a stiff breeze blows his way. However, he's still as miserly as ever and works well in partnership with Brett Lee in one day matches. So assuming he doesn't have to get a hip replaced or break out a granny walker, he should still be useful during the World Cup (although I'd put him out to pasture afterwards). Still, each spell this season is scrutinised as much as each decision Ricky Ponting makes so it will be interesting to see how he goes against Jayasuriya tomorrow.
Posted by JC on Sat 28 Jan 30 comments
i think that Glenn Mc Grath is a wonderful bowler, and i dont think that he is over the hill, he has alot of time until he ends his career, but until then we should enjoy his matches and the wonderful show he gives us.
Posted by Antonia on 2006-11-09 09:34:59
im sorry to say but i think its time to say good bye, he is an aswome bowler but i think its time for new blood.
Posted by Steyn And De Villiers are the on 2009-08-05 18:49:34

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