2nd Test, Day 4: Jason Gillespie scores DOUBLE century

Okay, now things are just getting silly as the 2nd Test has turned out almost as surreal and implausible as the 1st Test. Australia declared at 4 for 581 with Jason Gillespie on 201 not out. After Australia had barely scraped a 3 wicket win in the last match, I gave up on predicting what would happen in the 2nd Test and good thing too as noone could've predicted Jason Gillespie would've gone past 200, on his 31st birthday no less.

Gillespie had a partnership of 320 with Mike Hussey who reached 182 (noone's talking about that though - who cares about an established batsman scoring 180 when a bowler gets 200?!) They scored 194 runs in the first session alone. Gillespie then went past Hussey to become the highest scorer for Australia against Bangladesh. Also the highest scoring nightwatchman ever. It's such a mind boggling achievement that Gillespie is already having a bat named after him. It's even more impressive considering his previous best score was 90, "playing E grade for Adelaide in about 1992-93". You know, I always said it was the mullet that was holding him back!

I would've liked to have seen a more extravagant celebration when he went past 200 than the tip of the bat and self-deprecating shrug of the shoulders. He'd ridden his bat when he first passed 50, maybe this time he could've mooned the dressing room. I'm guessing his clubmates never even expected him to go past triple figures, let alone make a double century. Still, it didn't all go Dizzy's way. When Australia took the field, Shane Warne dropped a sitter at first slip off Gillespie, giving Bashar a reprieve before scoring. Of course, Warnie dismissed Bashar later on 49, ironically caught at first slip.

The last session saw Bangladesh lose 4 wickets although Nafees showed good grit in lasting to stumps, taking his team to 4 for 195. Warne was in great form, out-thinking the batsmen with some wily bowling and taking 3 wickets. It's hard to see Bangladesh keeping the bowling out on Day 5 barring lots of rain to claim an innings victory. If Bangladesh do manage to peg back the 189 runs to make Australia bat again, I'd like to see Dizzy opening the bat! :-)

Ponting delayed the declaration until Gillespie went past 200. You can't really blame him for that but you can write off any claims that Australia don't think about personal milestones. Ponting once accused India of putting milestones before results - ironic considering a delayed declaration to give Brad Hodge a double century cost us victory - the only Test we haven't won since the Ashes. It's a shame most of Day 2 and a chunk of Day 3 was washed out - Gillespie could've gone for Brian Lara's record. You'd have to imagine Gillespie would be a shoe-in to play during the Ashes now. As a bowler, of course, but scoring 200 can't hurt his selection chances. Just ask Brad Hodge.
Posted by JC on Thu 20 Apr 165 comments
You are so spot on about the personal milestone issue.I guess this is post Waugh development in Aussie Camp....
Posted by Unsui on 2006-04-19 18:13:30
Gillespie said at the beginning of play on Day 4 in an interview with Wasim Akram that he only had two shots: a flick off his hip and a cover drive. Doubtless he was being overly modest but it certainly does say something about working on the basics. Maybe Clark could learn a few things from Dizzy.
Posted by TA on 2006-04-19 20:18:39
It appears as if a wager between Matthew Hayden and Dizzy is going to go terribly wrong. The headline reads "Dizzy has a naked ambition." Check out the link for yourself.,5936,18867540%255E23209,00.html
Posted by TA on 2006-04-19 20:28:07
Cool link, Tim. They probably should've thought about the consequences of their bet before making it. What is the punishment for public nudity in a Muslim country like Bangladesh? It's not something like the chopping off hands for stealing a loaf of bread type thing is it? In other words, will there be chopping involved?
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