Andrew Flintoff to sing duet with Elton John

The English cricket team are developing a definite camp bent which must be a source of concern to all red blooded cricket fans. Beefy fast bowler Darren Gough donned the frilly sleeves to participate in that travesty of reality TV, Dancing With The Stars (I'm still recovering from seeing Molly Meldrum in the Australian version). Simon Jones will drop his gear at the first hint of a camera. And now there are plans for Andrew Flintoff to sing a duet with Elton John. On the positive side, at least it couldn't be as bad as the entire team's recording of Jerusalem.
Posted by JC on Thu 27 Apr 50 comments
Looks like Poms are really getting geared up for the 'return match' :D. On seperate note read this one , Gilchrist's request to rest key players from Champions trophy - I fully endorse his view ..
Posted by Unsui on 2006-04-27 00:59:55
C'mon, why all of this pity for cricketers all of a sudden? They are professionals for goodness sake. Major League Baseball seasons comprise 160 or so games per year not including finals and pre-season competitions. You can't possibly tell me that cricketers have a worse time of it than most other sports.
Posted by TA on 2006-04-27 04:48:04
I actually fall on the resting players side. Not because I have sympathy for the players who make millions out of something they love. Nah, I'd happily work them to a stub to ensure there's cricket on the TV every day of summer. I'm more concerned about the performance of my team - we need to manage our players to ensure they're at peak performance when it counts - particularly during the Ashes. It's a balancing act though - some players like McGrath and Warn thrive on heaps of play. And too much rest leaves the players rusty as was evidenced by the start of the Ashes tour. What's 5 months gonna do to them? And on the baseball front, they have a policy of resting players - it's a different sport to cricket where a player can spend 6 straight hours on the field (or in Gillespie's case in the 2nd Test against Bangladesh, pretty much the entire 5 days)
Posted by JC on 2006-04-27 13:52:34
Comparing MLB to cricket is like comparing apples to oranges.Like it or not cricket may be loaded in favor of batters, but its the bowlers who make the real difference, whether ,by bowling opposition out,or restricting the batters. And its this creed that suffers most in "overdose" of cricket. I don't recollect having seen a baseball pitcher pitch in two consecutive games. What is needed for cricket to take a leaf out of MLB?s page and introduce rotation for bowlers rule.
Posted by Unsui on 2006-04-28 02:24:05
Why can't we compare professional sports? It is precisely because we don't compare cricket and its professionalization to other sports that players and fans start rambling on about being 'overplayed.' I don't buy all the crap that says cricket players have more work to do than othe rsports players like MLB players. A few players such as WKs and bowlers on average fielding isn't an intensively physical activity.
Posted by TA on 2006-04-28 20:29:19
Of course the poms are camp they
are british after all, and Simon Jones doesn't get his gear off nearly often enough for my liking.
Posted by mez on 2006-05-08 00:57:19

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