Cricket Australia pine for Aussie umpires

I'm surprised to learn Australia are exploring the possibility of having Australian umpires during the Ashes. I'm a strong believer in the neutral umpires law which means you can't have umpires from the two countries playing in a Test match. The whole issue of umpiring is already complicated enough as Darrell Hair has proven. You have bad decisions, personality clashes, bizarre signalling techniques (you know who I'm talking about) and accusations of racism. Add to that mix the possibility of home side bias and you'll never hear the end of it. And apparently England agree. The only reason I can imagine Cricket Australia would ask for Aussie umpires is so they finally get some good umpiring with Simon Taufel. Surely they weren't after Darrell Hair!
Posted by JC on Mon 28 Aug 30 comments
Cricket Australia planting Greg Chappell to sabotage Indian cricket? Australian umpires planted to sabotage subcontinent team's chances of winning Test matches? Australia winning as many Tests as they do due to clever scheduling and not superior skill? Beau Peep, I can only assume your conspiracy theory is one big wind-up - that or you have a conspiracy theory paranoia that would put Fox Mulder to shame.
Posted by JC on 2006-08-28 15:58:05
I am totally in favor of neutral umpire concept. At the same time its time ICC realizes two is company and three is crowd. As such scrap those third umps who more than anything make “questionable” decisions on close to ground catches and run-outs ( I don’t blame them as they are just prisoners of technology offered to them). However in recent times there are few umpires than ever in the “Elite” panel. That the same 4-5 umpires have been officiating endlessly,errors have been creeping in their decisions ( fatigue/stress factor),so its not surprising that we will have to revert back to using local umpires for overseeing game. Probably the way out is identify 2-3 candidates/country and give them exhaustive training under someone like Dickie Bird ( Use slo mos, technology aids during training), also keep period “performance review” for these guys based on their match handlings. One year down the line we will have 20 odd “Elite panel” umps , that will lead to good resource leveling, less mistakes and also more consistent approach. I am very confident that will eliminate the need to rely on “dodgy tech aids” and make the umpires more sharp on field.

For the like of umps with personal agenda, well there are these types in all walks of life , and its better they weeded out ,for better of all , Rgds,mmp
Posted by Unsui on 2006-08-28 20:43:12
bah! beau peep is one of those paranoid nationalist nujobs, just ignore him!

agree with you there John.
Posted by flygirl on 2006-08-28 21:42:19
Unsui, we'll agree to disagree on the 3rd umpire issue - I reckon they should increase their role but that's a discussion for another time. But this whole elite umpire thing is a problem in that there isn't enough of them. I read somewhere that 3 of the top umpires in England were offered the job and all 3 turned it down. Apparently the endless travelling, controversy and abuse wasn't worth it.
Posted by JC on 2006-08-28 22:23:47

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