Australia use GPS tracking to monitor player's movements

John Buchanan has used every technique and technology to train and improve the Australian cricket team (except it seems batting, bowling and fielding practice). His latest idea sounds more science fiction than sport as he's using GPS satellite tracking to measure his player's movements. Now I am a self-confessed nerd - I did a physics degree at uni so I've always had an unhealthy interest in computers, graphs and tabulated data. But I'm not the coach of the Australian cricket team. Pull your head out of the laptop, Buck, pick up a cricket bat and ball and get out on the field with the boys! However, in Buck's defence, I can see how this GPS technology could have its uses - finally, someone could keep a proper eye on Shane Warne.
Posted by JC on Mon 16 Oct 148 comments
Well - it's certainly helping them out.

Those guys look so jacked now!

Check this out
Posted by Omar on 2006-10-16 09:19:34
They're so fit looking, it's almost disturbing - they look like they belong more to manpower than the Aussie cricket team. What happened to the Tubby Taylors? The Merv Hughes with the pot belly? Fat Cat Greg Ritchie? Warnie not only carries our bowling attack single handedly, he also carries the torch for every beer gutted average Joe Aussie on the streets.
Posted by JC on 2006-10-16 15:22:05
This is one step away from Ned Flanders putting chips in their brains and controlling their every move in the game from his laptop - almost as if he was playing Brian Lara cricket for real.

We at the Collective ( shall be adding this to Buchers many crimes against cricket.
Posted by The Collective on 2006-10-16 20:48:32
I can't quite work out whether Buchanan is a genius or a fruitcake...i suspect it's the latter ;)
Posted by cov on 2006-10-17 05:10:21
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