India knocked out of World Cup, fan commits suicide

Last night, Bangladesh defeated Bermuda, officially knocking India out of the World Cup. Millions of fans on the subcontinent went into mourning and the repercussions are grave. I'm sure truckloads of money will be lost in TV ad revenue with India not playing in the latter stages of the tournament. Greg Chappell is fearing for his life, surrounded I'm sure by an army of hired goons.

It gets worse. A farmer from West Bengal committed suicide following India's loss to Sri Lanka. You would've thought after the Bob Woolmer tragedy, the cricketing world would've gained some perspective on what is just a game.

The farmer Mahadeb Sarkar had argued with his wife who wanted him to watch the game at home. Instead he watched it with a friend. Apparently the fight plus India's defeat was enough to tip Sarkar over the edge, hanging himself after the game. His wife also attempted suicide but failed. Can cricket get any more surreal at the moment?
Posted by JC on Mon 26 Mar 40 comments
Itís for you to do the next thing - Boycott the products

Burning posters of Indian players and beat the pictures with sandals doesnít help at all. We have next series with Bangladesh and once we started winning one or two home series everything will be forgotten. But if you are determined and a real fan than this is what can be done to reflect your real anger.

Boycott the products endorsed by the cricketers till we get the next World Cup is home. This means, you will try all other options before opting for products endorsed by cricketers.Last biscuit you will pick from rack will be Sachinís Fit Kit. Look for any other insurance first before taking up Dravidís Max life insurance. Similarly, for Dhoniís 7 up, Hero Honda, Reebok, BPCL's premium fuel Speed, Sona Chandi Chyavanprash, Mysore Sandal soap, Bank of Baroda, these should be the last of the brandís we should pick till we have other options. Also any next brand where you see the cricketer with it, that should be on your next boycott list.

This we should do till we get the next World Cup home NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tell this to all your friends who are real Cricket fans and you will do some good to Cricket.
Posted by Brijesh on 2007-03-26 15:16:42
Greg Chappell failing with Indian team,Mark waugh stirring up things for Aussies will come down in India. Brett Lee,Punter will lose out on their India Ads and album sales..
Posted by anon on 2007-03-26 17:03:02
India gettin out of the World Cup is the best thing to happen for cricket and World Cup itself.
First off, I can get back to my life without caring for the chokers and then 2 of the most over-rated and underperforming teams are out. Isnt that great news?
I am hoping Mcgrath, Gilly and Punter will lift their third world cup.
Posted by Prashanth on 2007-03-27 03:29:29
is there any Aussie cricket fans website? I've searched all over the internet, I cannot find any.
Posted by anon on 2007-03-27 04:32:32
What the hell is going on in the world at the is supposed to be just that and this has been such an amazing series so far but it's going to be remembered for seriously all the wrong just get the feeling it's never going to be the same again!
Posted by okbl on 2007-03-27 06:52:14
Prashanth, sounds like a bit of cultural cringe there. I think it's a shame India and Pakistan are gone - the Super 8's would've been more interesting with them there.
Posted by JC on 2007-03-27 07:29:45
While I found it amusing that the underdog got through, I am looking through the game schedule, and not really looking forward to a game against Ireland and Bangladesh, which is a shame as I have two weeks off. It would be far more interesting to see Australia play India and Pakistan.
Plus playing Ireland and Bangladesh is like playing your little brother, its a lose-lose situation. If you win, you just beat a little kid, if you barely win, its still a moral win for Ireland or Bangladesh and if you lose it an embaressment.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-03-27 13:20:04
The indians are basically rubbish at sport! Its time we were much more professional and have some pride.The indian players should be ashamed of themshelves.
Posted by Raj from LEICESTER on 2007-03-28 09:30:33
India is out of world cup , basically becuase they wilt under pressure. And fan's hopes were unduly raised by a dramatic media hype in India.
Posted by Gaurav on 2007-03-28 21:23:49
India is gone. It was bit tricky by the way the matches are organized. You get to play only 3 to get into the next round & you must win two? I would say its kinda bit harsh early upon. Do you all think Bangaldesh deserve to play next 6 games in the super eight? That gotta be a joke. Loosing India early in the worldcup means HUGE loss to the cricket in terms of revenue.

Though Aussies are playing better, I hate for them to lift the cup as the arrogance in them is exceeding beyond the limit.
Posted by Ken on 2007-03-29 11:32:34
I think the concept of the qualifying rounds was just a chance to give the minnows a brief seat at the grown ups table then all the Test countries go to the Super 8's. Losing Pakistan and especially India was never part of the script. At least the ICC's script. Maybe it was part of some match fixing script :-)

Agreed, Australia are back to their arrogant best at the moment.
Posted by JC on 2007-03-29 12:25:06
50 Reasons why Team India failed in 2007 Worldcup Cricket
1) Didn't play as a team
2) Lack of Morale
3) Lack of Winning habbit
4) Lack of Fire in the belly as a sportsman.
5) Lack of Mental Strength
6) Lack of Physical Strength
7) No unity amoung the team members
8) No enthusiam in the squad
9) Many old legs in the team
10) Conservative approach rather than natural play.
11) Lack of confidence.
12) Lack of great ideas from the captain
13) Many ex-captains in the team
14) Captain didn't bring unity in the team.
15) Captain is not strong in decision making on the spot.
13) Weak in fielding
14) No proper planning/decision making before the game
15) No detail study about the opposition (team/players) before the game
16) Experienced players didn't contrubute well.
17) Players play for individual statistics.
18) No youngsters in the team to attack the opposition without fear (like Bangladesh).
19) Experienced players play conservative cricket.
20) No attacking bowlers (who can take wickets at will, like Bond NZ, Mallinga SL).
21) No balance between batsman and bowlers (less attacking bowlers to defend small totals).
22) No good bowling squad to take all the 10 wickets (No attacking fast bowlers).
23) Bowlers bowl to restrict runs not intended to take wickets.
24) Not many real all-rounders, who can do well in bowling and who can do some good batting. (eg: Kapil Dev, Jack kallies SA).
26) Coach didn't mingle with the team.
27) Coach didn't contribute well on providing ideas to captain.
28) Coach left decision making to the captain and not willing to take responsibility on team failure.
29) Coach is very reserve and not easy for the players to get along.
30) Player spend more time doing commercials rather than developing their skills further.
31) Selection committee didn't select talented palyers instead selected players with past records (not in form).
32) Selection process in based on influential region (bombay get more weight) rather than finding players from all over the country.
33) Players are not paid based on the performance.
34) Players have no resposibility for any failure/defeat.
35) Over-confidence of the team when playing against minnow countries.
35) Lack of dicipline and consistency amoung players/team.
36) No shouting/screaming/hugging in the team to feel the enjoyment from the sport and get motivation to do well.
37) Loose and irresponsible approach of players in shot selection.
38) No real/alternative game plan when the team is in critical situation.
39) Individual player always satisfy with normal performance rather than extra-ordinary performance.
40) Batsman never think to finish off the game on his own batting (to stay till end of the game).
41) Tumbling when the preasure is high.
42) No fighting spirit.
43) Not able to play well on the bouncing overseas pitches.
44) No clever wicket-taking spinner in the team.
45) Players didn't think as a sportsman intead think as a professional.
46) Lot of importance to the cricketer in the country creates more preasure to the player.
47) Senior players didn't guide the junior players well (lack of knowledge sharing).
48) No competitive cricket played in local matches.
49) No world-class standards set in the local matches.
50) Players are selected to the Indian team on infulence instead of his real talents.
Posted by Pradeepkumar.Selvaraj on 2007-03-30 19:26:14
all you indians hav to take it like losers man!
u did get hammered by bangladesh and get over it, they were a better team by miles
Posted by H on 2007-04-01 04:23:17
For all of you that have not seen Dhoom 2... just go to, and watch it for free! Also watch LIVE AND FREE wricket at!
Posted by Chacha 99 on 2007-04-01 07:07:41
Rightly said H. On paper and potential, this was India's best World Cup team ever. But mentally, they were sad cowards. No self belief, no commitment, no whatever ..whatsoever.
It may have been a case of Bangladesh playing superb cricket than India playing badly. But to cave in without a fight was beyond belief.

I had to cover my face for a few days in shame. Cricket may have brought more glory than any other sport in India, but this performance hurt my pride no end.... it still hurts.

On a common playing field in a multi-national tourney, Indians were best in Australia at the 1985 Benson&Hedges cup, where no victory was a fluke. They played like how the Ozzies play, invincibles. Never lost a single game. 1983 was still a fluke for me.

Posted by Mahesh on 2007-04-02 01:01:25
finally India got what they deserved... not only is the team a cocky bunch but so are the supporters... think the world cup can do without these loud cocky idiots... and yes i am sri lanka... see you in 4 years
Posted by RJ on 2007-04-02 01:08:36
They say..itz just a gameand winning or losing a part of it. But for a country like India with so much passion and hero-worship and money involved it is not just another game. And when it comes to worldcup one can imagine the sadness of indian fans. what are the causes for our defeat in round1 .But what is the solution?.
BCCI is planning some exercise to lessen the memory by a few changes. but are they sufficient?
i feel these far reaching changes are needed at this hour.
1. stop cricketers from modelling for advertisements completely.
2. pay them high but only when they win.
3.ranaji format needs to be overhauled ccompletely
4. let the counry have 3 teams in succession.
india a b and c like australin counterparts.
5. make the players accountable for their failures and support their heroisms.
6. no past glory be the criterian for remaining in the team.
Posted by uday almeida, goa on 2007-04-07 20:58:41
i believe anyone and everyone in this world live and work for money..whether he works for a company or plays for some sport...but if a person is paid heavily just for him being in the team or in a company rather than on his perfomance...and...above that if he is geting 20-30 times more money through acting in advertisements than his regular income.....who will like to work or perfom in a match...same thing is happened to indian them on their performance, reward them high when they win...ban them from acting in ads....then i believe indian team will perform.......
Posted by ginsh john on 2007-04-10 12:05:39


NEW DELHI: There's a brighter side to India's exit from the World Cup. Something that can cheer up disappointed fans and angry advertisers. Sri Lanka has done a great favour to Indian economy by ousting the cricket team from the World Cup. There are about 80 million cable and satellite viewing homes in India.

According to TAM ratings, the average viewership of all World Cup matches held till now stands at about 3%, with India vs Bangladesh touching a high of 7.25%. To reach the finals, India would have played at least seven more matches.

Considering a TV Rating of 7.25%, at least 5.8 million people would have watched the match. This would have resulted in a productivity loss of 371.2 million man hours (5.8 million x 8 hours x 8 matches), apart from stress faced by mothers during exams.

About 3% of 81 million TV viewers (2.4 million) were ardent cricket fans and would have sat through all eight hours in the remaining 28 matches. Thus overall, Indian team's ouster would result in a productivity gain of 481 million man hours of work ( 28x2.4x8 man hours), if put to use.

The Sri Lankans have given a boost to the Indian economy by saving 54,902 man years of work (one year = 8,761 hours). Indians can build seven phases of the Golden Quadrilateral connecting Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai spread over 5,846 kilometres all over again, with this time saved.

A daily wage skilled labourer in Delhi earns Rs 17 per hour. If put to productive use, the 481 million man hours can produce Rs 817 crore of GDP, which is 63% more than BCCI's annual revenues of Rs 500 crore, last year. It's 401% more than the Rs 163 crore losses, corporate India has predicted to incur due India's ouster.

The state electricity boards are also thanking Sri Lanka for the great favour. A TV consumes 45 watts per hour. Assuming a viewer will now switch off his TV by 12 midnight, it will save Rs 135 watts at least per viewer (not considering the electricity consumed by other appliances running simultaneously.)

This will save the electricity boards 324 million watts of electricity ( 3.24 lakh kilowatts) in just 28 days. According to estimates, SEB losses in India will touch Rs 1 lakh crore by 2008.

If disappointed viewers completely switch off their TVs for eight hours, it will save the government at least 8,64,000 kilowatts, along with many more lives ó at least three Indian citizens have been reported to die due to cardiac arrest or suicide after India's defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka.
Posted by uday almeida on 2007-04-10 16:05:59
lack of unity in indian players
Posted by ganga suneetha on 2007-04-10 19:46:27
Wonder how many man hours it took to come up with all those calculations!!
Guess if you're not watching the cricket you have time up your sleeve.
Posted by Dan Tas on 2007-04-10 19:49:03
i think after beating South africa , noone will think it was a fluk win against india . bangladesh certainly can beat anyone on their given day .
Posted by ehsan on 2007-04-11 01:09:20

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