Ricky loves watching himself on TV

Ricky Ponting is thrilled with the new innovation of a huge plasma screen next to the nets while he practices batting.

In fascinating scenes at Brisbane's Allan Border Field, an enormous plasma screen television was hauled into the practice net next to Ponting as he was video-taped facing deliveries from a bowling machine.

The video footage was fed through the plasma screen, on a five-second delay, enabling Ponting to play a stroke and then watch it replayed immediately on TV.

Ponting, who endured a run of low scores in last summer's one-day series and then failed to fire for Kolkata in the Indian Premier League, emerged delighted and declaring it as possibly the most valuable net session ever.

I can just imagine Ricky playing a graceful cover drive, then fidgeting with the remote control, admiring replays of his strokeplay in normal speed, slow motion, backwards, etc.

Of less practical use was Michael Clarke's net session with the plasma TV showing video footage of Lara Bingle.

Posted by JC on Fri 9 May 24 comments
They use a bit of computer software called timeWARP (from siliconcoach Ltd). The video camera feeds into a laptop (and then outputs to the big screen plasma) and you can select the period of delay as to when the vision is played back. You can also pause, tag and replay events. Great way of getting instant feedback.

It is also really affordable, coming in at around $410.
Posted by The Rad on 2008-05-13 09:15:16
Does the $410 include your commission, Rad? :-)
Posted by JC on 2008-05-13 10:32:58

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