Barack Obama takes on cricket

Well, in his first few months as President, Obama has taken on the economic crisis, global warming, the Iraq war, terrorists in Afghanistan, the health system, North Korean missile tests, a new dog in the White House and a million other national issues. Now he takes on his greatest challenge - cricket!

Now I'm a big fan of the Bam. Having spent a lot of time debunking global warming skepticism, I can appreciate how he's done more to help cut CO2 emissions in his first few months than Bush did in 8 years (not a difficult task to be honest).

But despite receiving lessons from the best batsman in the world, his form still leaves a lot to be desired. Look at that straight front elbow. How are you going to get your head over the ball in that position? It just goes to show, heads of state and cricket should never mix. After all, see what happened when the Prime Minister of Australia, supposedly the greatest cricketing nation in the world, tried his hand at bowling:

Posted by JC on Wed 22 Apr 214 comments
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hahaha my price per head bookie friend showed me this picture and it made me laugh so much, I mean Obama knows nothing about cricket, he made himself look like a clown
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